I am an entrepreneur, technologist and writer - through the companies that I start, my study of history and the pieces that I write, I am discovering the process by which to build truly pluralistic on-chain institutions.
The call to adventure signifies that destiny has summoned the hero and transferred his spiritual center of gravity from within the pale of this society to a zone unknown.” - Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey


1 Aug 2022
Web3 On-Ramps, The First Step

18 Jul 2022
The Landscape of FinTech in Web3

7 Jul 2022
Web3 is the Precursor to a Scientific Industrial Revolution


Areas of interest

  • What I am working on
    • web3 startup #2 (stealth)
  • What I have done previously
    • built: mycryptopedia (acquired), work: j.p. morgan, ernst & young (ey)
  • What I am reading
    • electronic value exchange: origins of the VISA electronic payment system (david stearns)
    • intellectuals and society (thomas sowell)
    • the machiavellians, defenders of freedom (james burnham)
    • the end of the world is just the beginning (peter zeihan)
    • socrates: a man for our times (paul johnson)
  • What I am grappling with / topics on future pieces
    • why the adoption of crypto as a payment rail risks the trough of sorrow, in much the same way the electrical vehicle did, if its UX problems are not solved. This is even more critical because crypto as a payment rail exists in a context of competition with other global and local payment rails, not in isolation
    • is the adoption of crypto as a payment rail fundamentally a bottoms-up exercise; in contrast to top-down payment rails, e.g. ACH? If so, how may an acceleration in its adoption differ in a global context?
    • how do we determine the point at which pervasive narratives in web3 move from genuine technological advocacy to manufactured consent?
    • could the luddite riots have been prevented if its participants had been enfranchised with economic ownership of the technology: mechanisation of textile production, that sought to disrupt them? if so, can such a solution be applied to prevent the disenfranchisement of peoples today, as it relates to the rise of AI-enabled technologies?
    • is the existing literature on early-stage startup competition outdated in the face of increasing competition and pursuit of monopolistic outcomes? can a more rigorous framework be formalised through relevant applications of game theory principles such as red teaming & payoff matrices?
    • Bisola’s operating manual for extreme excellence